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To owners

Whether for a residence, a business or any private business, we offer our interior and exterior lighting design services. Depending on the project, our team can carry out the installation or we can direct the work of the installers.

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To architects and designers

Our work is complementary to that of designers and architects. We are regularly involved from the start of the design of a project to take charge of the lighting study. Development of preliminary concepts, product research, preparation of plans and specifications, project management on site, adjustment and programming, these are the services we offer.

To those responsible for public spaces

We have several projects to our credit for public spaces: park, architecture of public buildings, monuments, etc. We can act from the conceptualization of a development project. We have also developed a conference on the highlighting of public spaces that we offer to multidisciplinary teams (elected officials, tourism agents, municipal officials, etc.) to make them aware of the impact of light in a building project. public planning.

To visual artists

We have developed a great expertise in highlighting works of art. We regularly collaborate with artists in the creation process to ensure a perfect integration of lighting. We can write a descriptive document for the highlighting and prepare a technical estimate. We support the project from design to final adjustments on site.

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