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The creators 

France Jutras and Jocelyn Bathalon from the JUTRAS & BATHALON lighting design office have been working in the field of public and architectural lighting for 24 years. Both lighting designers from the world of the stage, it was in 1997 that they founded their company Les Jardins Lumières . They then specialize in lighting design affecting landscape architecture, themselves owners of an illuminated garden open to the public.


Their creative process is imbued with their desire to establish a lasting link between man and his environment. A light design with a human gaze on a daily basis, a cultural value that preserves them from the ephemeral, while carrying a symbolic approach. Numerous national awards have crowned their success, having developed their own aesthetic language of light which is greatly appreciated by their clients from the residential, public and commercial sectors.


In 2004, JUTRAS BATHALON was created, a lighting design office, a division of Jardins Lumières,  fruit of their growing curiosity and their search for new forms of functionality and expression of light that cover interior-exterior and architectural lighting design. From a particular interest in the potential of fine-technology lighting products, their challenge now consists in conceptualizing the light direction of large-scale projects.

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