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Work by Francine Larivée 

Commission de la Contruction du Québec

The constructed object
the concordance of unified gestures

We did this highlighting in the spring of 2014. This is the fourth collaboration we have with this artist.


In this work, Francine Larivée was inspired by the skills and creativity that construction craftsmen and visual artists have in common. In addition, the work aims to represent the importance of synergy between the different partners to ensure the success of the entire construction sector. "The presence of works of art in public places and institutions is certainly one of the most beautiful contributions of the Government of Quebec to the beautification of our cities, our regions and our environment", is delighted. Hélène David, Minister of Culture of Quebec at the inauguration of the work.


The imposing structure made of Corten steel, with an approximate weight of 23 tons, fits perfectly into the built heritage of the sector and is intended as a shared space. “Today we are not only inaugurating a work of art, but also a gathering place to remind us of the strength and determination of the builders who built Quebec. We are proud to share this work with all employees and partners in the construction industry, but also with all Montrealers, ”said Diane Lemieux, President and CEO of the Commission de la construction du Québec.

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